What is pain management?

Pain management is a medical specialty that focuses on relieving pain and improving the quality of life for patients with chronic pain. “Our team uses specialized medical care to minimize the impact of chronic and surgical pain, which can be difficult to control and sometimes impossible to cure,” Dr. Bakshi explains.

“We will work with your other doctors—your referring physician, oncologist, psychiatrist or psychologist, as well as your physical and occupational therapists—to offer the treatment plan best suited to your needs,” he adds.

What is interventional pain management?

“There's a subset of pain management called interventional pain management, which is what we practice,” says Dr. Bakshi. “Like other pain management physicians, interventional pain management specialists prescribe medications and physical therapy—but we specialize in doing procedures to help diagnose and treat pain.”

What kinds of physicians practice pain management?

“There are different doctors who do pain management—neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists or physiatrists [pronounced fizz EYE uh trists], neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists,” Dr. Bakshi explains. “The majority of pain management physicians are anesthesiologists because that's the medical discipline that started the field of pain management.

“Anesthesiologists are used to doing procedures, because we do things like epidurals and spinal blocks as part of anesthesia,” he adds. “Now there are a lot of other doctors doing pain management.”

How does pain management treatment differ from one specialist to another?

“Depending on what type of physician you go to for pain relief, the treatment will differ,” says Dr. Bakshi. “A physiatrist will prescribe physical therapy. A neurologist will diagnose your condition and prescribe medication. A surgeon will likely recommend surgery.

“Pain management physicians usually have training that encompasses all of these fields, so they can figure out the best way to treat your pain,” he explains. “Your treatment plan might include physical therapy, medications and perhaps a minimally invasive procedure.”

How do Manhattan Spine & Pain Medicine doctors approach pain management?

Drs. Sanjay Bakshi is board-certified in anesthesiology as well as in pain management. Dr. Steve Aydin earned his board certification in pain management after being certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“Because I'm an osteopath, I have a little bit different flavor of looking at the body's function and biomechanics, so we bring that into our practice as well,” Dr. Aydin explains.

How can Manhattan Spine & Pain Medicine help you get back to a normal life?

There are instances where it is not possible to relieve 100% of a patient's pain. “In those cases, my goal to develop and treat these patients so they can function and do the tasks they need to do, whether it's to return to work, be able to wash their hair and function in their activities of daily living,” Dr. Aydin explains.


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